Get Started in Consulting is a safe, non-judgemental learning programme.

Develop the mindset, business systems and consulting tools 
you need to do your  best work and create impact for your clients.  

You want to create a sustainable income doing something you love.
You want to be up and running as soon as you can. 
But you may be feeling frustrated and stuck!
You have lots of questions holding you back:

  • How long will it take to get started?  
  • When will you have your first client?  
  • How can you bridge the transition period?  
  • What specific steps do you need to take to get started?
  • Where to start and what to do first?  

We’ve been there too. We know how it feels. We can help.

Imagine how you would feel..

..if you had all the business systems and consulting tools in place you need to get started in your consulting practice.

..if you spent less time worrying about ‘how to’ run your business and had more time to enjoy the challenge and reward of your technical work.

 ..if you were clear on your ideal consulting practice. Imagine intentionally targeting and winning more work with clients that align with your values and purpose. This means wasting less time writing proposals for work you won’t enjoy.
..if you had a healthy consultant mindset and solid negotiation skills under your belt. You would spend less time under-charging and over-working and more time doing great work for which you are valued. You would have a more sustainable and stable income stream.

..if you had concise writing and presenting for impact tools in your pocket. You would spend less time hair-pulling on unwieldy reports and presentations. And get more great feedback from clients who receive your message clearly.

Imagine how you'd feel to be increasing the impact you seek.

We’re Helen and Janet.

We transitioned to work as independent consultants over 5 years ago. Before that, we worked in and for consulting firms and NGOs for over 30 collective years.

We have a solid track record of finding, developing bids for and winning great pieces of consulting work. We have fun working together on work that we choose to go for. We work with motivated and engaging clients.

We are intentional about finding pieces of work where we believe we can add specific value to the development space.

We remember all the questions we had when we made the leap. We also remember it was not easy to find answers and support.

We want to help other women who want to connect, share and improve how they show up as consultants. 

Get Started in Consulting Programme

An intense, 8-week sprint with your peers, helping you get started in your consulting practice

We are really excited to be leading this Programme.
Learning happens through a combination of
online teaching, group work, independent work, and plenty of discussion!

Here are the Programme’s specific time commitments: 

  • 2 x 1-hour online lessons per week
  • Feedback and interaction between lessons with your cohort in a dedicated Facebook Group
  • 1 x Q&A session each week
  •  3 hours homework each week
  • Self-reflective work and work in pairs/small groups
  • Ongoing accountability Q&A sessions on Zoom for 6 months post Programme 
  • Access to your cohort’s Facebook Group for 6 months post Programme
  • Get the detailed Programme Timetable here

Our mission is simple. More women in consulting. 

We started the Women's Consulting Workshop with one purpose.
To grow the number of women consulting in the international development and social impact space.
We believe this is crucial to the improvement of our sector.

To create this change, we are building a consulting space that listens, engages and contributes.

 Get Started in Consulting is one of the ways we do this.
By the end of the programme you will have developed confidence and clarity around your unique value.

 You will have the solid foundations on which to build your consulting practice.

Specifically you will:

  • Be crystal clear on your consulting why and what impact you’re going to have.  
  • Have your Roadmap to guide your next business development steps.   
  • Have clarity on your income goals and have a fee rate to match.  
  • Have developed your skills in negotiation.  
  • Understand your brand.  
  • Have a marketing system and tools in place to attract the clients you want to work with.  
  • Know where to look for work and how to win it.  
  • Understand how to write and present for impact.
You will have the mindset, the systems and tools in place to support you getting started in consulting.

The Investment

In exchange for this investment, you will leave the Programme with:

  • A healthy consultant Mindset 
  • Your consulting practice Roadmap  
  • A bundle of 12 learning assets that cover your business systems and practice tools – all of which you can use straight away to support your consulting practice 
  • A network of supportive professional peers  
  • Support from Helen and Janet throughout the process 
  • Peace of mind from achieving clarity, connection, and alignment in your practice 
  • 6 months support post programme in monthly Q&A sessions  

The Programme investment is


There is a full payment option or 3-part payment plan available.

Our promise to you.

We  promise to show up consistently, with honesty and integrity as we accompany you on your journey. 

We developed our own consulting systems and tools to help improve our consulting practices. This is what we want
to share with you.
 We continue to learn and work on our consulting mindset and practice. And we love the journey!

We want to work together to have a bigger and better impact on the social impact and development space. 

We would love to support you on this part of your consulting journey!

This is for you if you: 

  • Are an action taker 
  • Can commit to 6-8 hours of work per week for 8 weeks.  
  • Want to connect with a supportive cohort of professional peers 
  • Are ready to do the work it takes to get started with you consulting practice 
  • Are willing to be generous with your peers and grow in a supportive environment
  • Are ready for an intense, fun, and experiential learning experience!


The programme consists of 3 modules

1. Developing a consulting mindset
2. Setting up your consulting business systems
3. Developing your consulting tools and practice

Each week there are 2 x 1 hour teaching sessions, 1 Q&A session and 1 Workbook for you to work through. You will be supported on a daily basis by Janet and Helen inside the Facebook Group set up specifically for your cohort.

No. The support offered on this programme is through a group setting. This means that all calls / teaching and support is done in group sessions. The benefit to everyone being in a group session is more powerful than learning individually. This is one of the very special aspects of this programme. You get to learn alongside your peers in simulation consultancy situations.

All sessions are delivered live and recorded for those who cannot make it. We do encourage you to come live to the trainings. We know from experience that those who are able to show up live and take part get results faster. However, we also recognise that life sometimes get in the way, so we commit to you that every live training will be available in your learning area within 24 hours of the live training taking place.

The taught element of the course runs from w/c 5th October 2021 for 8 weeks. The private community group on Facebook is open for a further 6 months with monthly Q&A calls with Janet and Helen.

We have found that skipping ahead damages your ability to fully absorb the information being provided. Please trust in the process week by week and do not ask questions for modules in the future that we have not yet covered. We release new content weekly to support you on this journey with enough space in between modules for reflection and your own work.

The cost of the programme is £2,477 for full payment. If you would like to pay in 3 instalments, the total cost will be £2,670 (3 instalments of £890) . This is a discount of £193 for paying up front and in full. There are no additional fees or taxes.

We hear this a lot. And we hear you. This programme is an investment for your future. Another way of thinking about this to look at how many consulting days the programme costs. For an average consultant, this is 5 days fees. If you are a more junior consultant, this is more like 8 days fees. The value that you get in return is to have your consulting practice set up in such a way that is solid for your future. You will have the mindset, systems and tools to make your consulting practice a success. We have a payment plan available which spreads the cost across 3 payments throughout the programme. Click here for more details.

It depends. If you want to focus on your technical consulting work, rather than tripping up over how to run a business, you will get huge value from this programme. If you would rather spend several years struggling through finding the mindset, systems and tools you need to be a successful consultant, then this programme is not for you. The Get Started in Consulting Programme is the whole package. It includes everything you need to become a successful consultant.

There is no doubt that committing to the Get Started in Consulting Programme requires a time commitment over the 8 weeks. But this programme is designed to fit around your current workload. Live sessions should preferably be attended in person. All other work can be done flexibly, over the weekend/evenings and around other commitments. You will need to schedule on average 3-5 hours / week outside the live sessions to complete the work.
Weekly Commitment:

Live sessions & Q&A: 3 hours  
Pre and post work: up to 5 hours  
Total commitment: up to 8 hours   

This will not be for everyone. 
But, if you think this programme is for you and you are ready to join us, 
 please apply below. 

.  We would love you to join us on this part of your consulting journey! 
We want you to succeed in taking the steps to set up your successful consulting practice.