Do you need an hour just to thrash out some ideas?  
Or do you need to chat through a problem within your consulting practice?
Do you have a client overstepping boundaries?
Do you need an impartial, confidential space to focus in on a specific problem?
Are you frustrated because you are not getting the support that you need?

The Consultant Clinic can help!

You want to create a sustainable income doing something you love.
You just want to get on with your technical work.  
But you may be feeling frustrated and stuck!
You have a specific issue that is holding you back. 

These are some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis: 

  • How can I make sure I will I get paid?   
  • Why am I working more hours than the contract says? 
  • How can I make sure my boundaries are firm? 
  • I feel overwhelmed - where should I start and what should I do first? 

We’ve been there too. We know how it feels. We can help. 

Sometimes it's good to talk. 

Sometimes we think we should know everything as consultants. But here's some news.
That's just not true.  Sometimes we need to chat things over. To ruminate. To go down different avenues to solve a problem.
Doing this on your own can add to the loneliness of consulting.  

Sometimes,  we have issues with clients: late payments, overstepping boundaries,
not understanding our worth, issues with team members, poor communication.
And we just need an in depth conversation with someone to help us think through the different possibilities.
Someone impartial in a totally confidential space,  but who knows and understands the sector, and your work.

Getting support in this way is invaluable.

This is why Helen and Janet started the Women's Consulting Workshop.

So that we could gather women together and support each other as a group.
But sometimes, we need just a little bit more.
We need someone to focus just on our problem for a longer time, and more in depth.

This is why we created The Consultant Clinic.
A confidential, safe and non-judgemental space for you to bring your specific consulting issues.

 Words from previous clients. 

Thanks so much for your support! Our call has been incredibly helpful for me in more than one way. Most importantly, I am now able to see (and work on) a way forward, which I really struggled with before.  Thanks again for offering this fantastic service!
Member of Women's Consulting Workshop, November 2021
The session with you was so timely and helpful. I was beginning to lose sight of my intended clients..... The session reminded me of important things.  
Member of Women's Consulting Workshop, June 2021
I was really impressed with the way in which you were able to take my muddled thinking and quickly translate it into something much more clear, structured - and actionable. 
External client, July 2021
We’re Helen and Janet, 
Co-Founders of the Women's Consulting Workshop. 

We transitioned to work as independent consultants over 5 years ago. Before that, we worked in and for consulting firms and NGOs for over 30 collective years.

We have a solid track record of finding, developing bids for and winning great pieces of consulting work. We have fun working together on work that we choose to go for. We work with motivated and engaging clients.

We are intentional about finding pieces of work where we believe we can add specific value to the development space.

We remember all the questions we had when we made the leap. We also remember it was not easy to find answers and support.

We want to help other women who want to connect, share and improve how they show up as consultants. 

The Consultant Clinic offers one to one confidential support sessions.  

At any stage of your consulting journey.

Our mission is simple. More women in consulting. 

We started the Women's Consulting Workshop with one purpose.
To grow the number of women consulting in the international development and social impact space.
We believe this is crucial to the improvement of our sector.

To create this change, we are building a consulting space that listens, engages and contributes.

 The Consultant Clinic is one of the ways we do this.

By the end of the call you will have clarity around your specific problem.

Whether it's a mindset, systems or tools question, we can support you.


We really want you to succeed and flourish in your consulting practice. 

The Consultant Clinic is one of the ways we can help.